My name is Angeline Wolff.

I believe we all have a story. A narrative in our heads that tells us who we are, who we are to become, and everything in between. It is that narrative, that I wish to influence.

LOVEMISSWOLFF was created out of the depths of my depression.

It started as a love letter to myself (hence Love, Miss Wolff ). A letter filled with all of the words I wish I would've said, or perhaps hadn't. Pieces of paper began to hold my life story, but I noticed with every sentence that left my fingertips a piece of me came back to life. Every poem took me one step closer to healing.

It was my Catalyst. My epiphany.

And now I hope to help you find yours. To help foster discussions around Mental Health. To inspire you to chase the things that make you come alive, or share the stories you're too afraid to tell. To remind you that we are all only human. Grief stricken bodies, with our own flaws, and doubts, and dreams. But I think that's what makes us beautiful. And perhaps, all we need is a gentle reminder to share a little kindness, a little courage, and a story that can impact the world.

Welcome, to chasing happiness.

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